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11th February 2016

Dear Adobe, Creative Cloud sucks

Dear Adobe, Creative Cloud sucks

I’m not referring to the subscription model but to that terrible piece of software we are forced to use in order to download and update the Adobe products we pay for every month.

CC takes forever to download

CC is following iTunes’ steps, with huge frequent updates that don’t add any significant features.

You can’t use CC without updating it

When there’s a new update available you either update CC or close it. The last thing you need in the middle of a rush is having to update a damn piece of software. For example, when the latest version of Illustrator is crashing on you and you need to downgrade to be able to deliver on a deadline.

CC is bloatware

Even when CC (or any software from Adobe) is closed we are forced to run a number of services in the background. Just open Activity Monitor in OSX, or Task Manager in Windows to see that for yourself. This is not only an invasive practice but it is unnecessary. If I want to receive notifications from Adobe I will open CC, otherwise there is no reason to force feed those services on us.

CC is buggy

The release notes on the too frequent updates already prove this point, but I’ve personally suffered a number of glitches that have forced me to restart my machine because force quitting and reopening CC wouldn’t cut it.

CC is a store window for Adobe’s cloud products

Like iTunes, CC is trying to wear too many hats. It’s fine to have a small menu bar application handling notifications and software updates, but other than that (fonts, assets, cloud files, stock, etc) and you are building Homer Simpson’s car. This stinks as a desperate strategy decided in some board meeting far away from the creative trenches.

Update 02/12/16

Ironically, the day after I published this a huge CC bug was discovered which deleted user files in OSX El Capitan without warning.

Update 02/14/16

So i downloaded the new CC version and mother god, the thing downloaded and installed in less than 30 seconds. Now I will always wonder if Adobe is indeed reading me or if all this was some sort of cosmic joke.

Update 05/26/16

It’s official. I hate Adobe CC.

Note: This article was initially published on Medium.com and republished here in February 2020. The publish date reflects when it was initially published there.


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